We are deeply saddened to inform you that Dynamics UPC Manresa will not be attending any of the competitions for this season. This decision has been taken in accordance to the situation which we find ourselves due to the effect of Covid-19, and after considering the following matters:


Our team members’ health, as well as the entire population’s, is of vital importance, and our project becomes less relevant when we consider the virus’ propagation.


UPC, in accordance to the rest of catalan universities has suspended all on-site academic activity, and as a university association we follow the guidelines proposed, where restrictive measures are established for extra-academic activities, and in relation to student mobility.


The current situation of uncertainty doesn’t allow us to continue with a coherent development for the planning conceived for DYN-05, and neither does it guarantee reaching our technical objectives planned for this season.


Likewise, some of the Formula Student competitions have already been cancelled, which consequently makes the planning for the remaining ones a very ambiguous task.


Therefore, we have decided to extend the current DYN-05 season until summer of 2021. This has a positive effect for us, as this will allow us to restructure the development timings for future Dynamics vehicles. In contrast to previous years, the design phase of the single-seater will take place during the fabrication and validation of the previous prototype.


To our sponsors and collaborators, we would like to point out that all your contributions made during the DYN-05 season will be maintained until the end of the season in 2021.


Despite the situation, the whole team has adjusted its working methods to be able to continue with our project implementing telecommuting. We appreciate your support and comprehension towards this complicated decision.



Dynamics UPC Manresa