Formula Student is the world’s most established educational motorsport competition it’s yearly held in circuits all over the world and gathers a large number of university teams from different countries.

The main aim of this competition is to encourage engineering students to develop, design and build a single-seat racing car in order to compete against the other universities which take part in this event all the teams must successfully pass different tests such as the dynamic event or the management of the project.

Every year almost 500 teams from across the world take up the challenge and build their own car. During this process not only manufacturing skills are required also business skills and team working.

As a student, Formula Student gives you the chance to take part in a real engineering project so that complements your academic studies you will learn important lessons on team working, time management, project management, budgeting and presentation.

The competition includes Static and Dynamic disciplines. During the static event, teams must present their car and show the project’s development while car’s performance is tested in the dynamic event.

3 static disciplines and 4 dynamic disciplines are evaluated


Business Plan

The teams present their business plan to follow for the built prototype, with the aim to convince the investors to join in the project.

Cost Report

It consists of a written report and showing how much the car costs.

Design Event

Design and constructive solutions made during the development of the car will be evaluated. The judges examine the constructions and discuss them with the students.



The handling of the car is tested during a lap time through straights and curves around the track which tests the dynamics qualities.

Skid Pad

The vehicle is driven on a figure eight track in order to how much lateral acceleration it can generate.


3 .. 2 .. 1 .. go! The fastest to run the 75m starting with the car stopped wins.


Endurance it is important too, the vehicle must cover a 22km endurance race including a driver change during the race.